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February 1, 2024

If you’re thinking “my awful/weird golf swing doesn’t justify getting custom golf clubs” then think again.

Custom club fitting was once exclusively the domain of top touring professionals who were seeking to squeeze every last drop of performance out of their clubs.
However, technology has revolutionised the process and made it abundantly accessible to anyone who plays the game.

The fact is, if you want to reach your potential on the golf course, a set of custom clubs is absolutely worth investing in. And often the greatest improvements can be seen in high handicappers and novice golfers.

Previously, more skilful golfers were only considered suitable candidates for a custom fitting because of their efficient swing technique and consistent ball striking.
However, high handicappers are often eerily consistent with their swing faults. And that dependable dysfunction is the very reason why a custom fitting can deliver such immense benefit.

After studying launch monitor data, GolfBox Custom club fitters can remedy many swing flaws of a high handicapper simply by recommending a different club, shaft and grip combination.

Adjustments to shaft flex, shaft weight, head style, lie angle and loft can instantly correct a flight shape or boost distance by making the club work with, rather than against, a player’s natural swing tendencies and shortcomings.

Even golfers just beginning their journey in the game will reap massive long-term dividends with a GolfBox Custom club fitting session.
Learning the game with ill-fitting, off-the-rack equipment is setting novice golfers up for failure.

Battling with off-kilter clubs can introduce swing flaws right off the bat, as beginners often make compensation moves to get the ball airborne and tracking straight.

Eliminating those bad habits can take years of hard work and practice.
But clubs tuned specifically to a player’s swing and body characteristics will give a beginner the best chance of success.

They’ll speed up the development of the muscle memory required to achieve an efficient golf swing. And they’ll make learning and playing the game much easier and significantly more enjoyable.

Golf is hard enough and playing with ill-fitting clubs just makes it more difficult.
To experience the contrast of playing a driver, iron, fairway wood, hybrid or wedge that is compatible with your golf swing, visit GolfBox Custom.