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Our Process

The Fitting Process


The session begins with a conversation. Your Fitter will enquire about your fitting objectives and inspect your current equipment. After a quick warm-up, you’ll hit enough shots with your current clubs to enable your Fitter to build a profile, or ‘blueprint’, of your existing equipment and your natural swing tendencies.



Your Fitter will examine your ‘blueprint’ to gain an understanding of the unique attributes of your golf swing. They will walk you through the strengths and weaknesses unearthed in the data before recommending a starting point for the next phase: club testing.



A combination of head, shaft and grip is assembled for appraisal, and you’ll reel off more shots. A methodical examination of club head and ball data will reveal if the club is harmonised with your swing, as your Fitter investigates strategies to further improve performance.


Finetuning and

The testing process continues as your Fitter finetunes the combination of head, shaft, loft, lie angle and grip until peak performance is attained — confirmed through launch monitor data. A Fitting Report is finalised with your specifications.

The Build

1. Dry Build

Our Master Club Builders check and weigh each component individually before piecing them  together without any bonding agent. This safeguard ensures the fitting specifications provided by the Master Fitter are precisely matched before the construction of the club begins.

2. SST Pure Optional

True Spec’s uses the SST PUREing process to examine the structure and integrity of a club shaft to identify its most stable plane. Our Master Builders then align the club head with the neutral axis of the shaft to prevent twisting of the club head during the swing, leading to greater shot consistency.

3. Assembly

The components are pieced together with high-strength epoxy and left to cure before the shaft is cut to the specified length. Loft and lie angle adjustments are made prior to the grip being installed.

4. Finishing

After a rigorous clean and polish, specifications are rechecked before the clubs undergo a final inspection. Shaft labels and stickers, which relay the dynamic properties of the finished club, are applied before the clubs are approved for release.