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At GolfBox Custom, we believe everyone should have access to a premium club fitting experience.

Whether you’re a tour pro or beginner, our aim is the same: identifying the perfect combination of club head, shaft, loft, lie angle and grip to best match a client’s golf swing.

Performance matters to us and technology and precision drive everything we do at our custom fitting studios.

Our cutting-edge, data-centric fitting technique is the most accurate and definitive in the industry.

If you want to get the most out of your game, come and experience the difference at GolfBox Custom.


GolfBox Custom is partnered with True Spec golf, the global leader in custom club fitting.

The True Spec fitting process is based on identifying a club set up that matches best with a golfer’s unique swing characteristics, relying on irrefutable, data-derived evidence from a Foresight QC Quad launch monitor to do so.

The True Spec fitting process is completely brand agnostic, offering nearly 50,000 possible head, shaft and grip combinations — the most comprehensive range in the industry. 

And True Spec’s meticulous club building process focuses on the small details to ensure clubs are built with exacting perfection to a desired fitting specification.

The GolfBox Custom experience, powered by True Spec Golf, truly is the best in class.

Frequently Asked

Am I good enough to justify a custom fitting?

Yes. It doesn’t matter how talented you are; everyone who plays the game will benefit from a custom fitting. In fact, higher handicap golfers often derive greater benefit from custom fitted clubs compared to single figure handicappers.

How does a custom fitting improve performance?

By fitting clubs to your golf swing. No two golfers are alike. Clubs personalised for a golfer’s unique physical characteristics and swing path make it easier to square the club face and increase speed, distance and consistency.

What does a custom fitting involve?

Hitting balls is a prerequisite, but to understand the full process see our 'What to Expect at a Custom Fitting' blog post.

What is True Spec Golf?

GolfBox Custom is partnered with True Spec Golf, a global leader in custom club fitting. A True Spec fitting is brand-agnostic and offers the most extensive range of fitting solutions in the industry.

How long does a fitting take?

It will depend on which club you are being fitted for. Custom fitting a driver, fairway, hybrid, iron or wedge on its own will take an hour. Allow three-and-a-half for a full bag fitting.

How much does a GolfBox Custom fitting cost?

An hour-long fitting for a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, iron or wedge will cost $149. If you want multiple club fittings, a two-hour session will cost $249. A three-and-a-half hour, full bag session is $349.

What happens after my club fitting?

You’ll be presented with your Fitting Report, which details all your session data as well as the club specifications that functioned best for your golf swing. If you are happy to proceed, your specs will be forwarded to our club builders for assembly, however, there is no pressure to decide immediately — your Fitting Report will be recorded for future reference.

Where can I book a GolfBox Custom fitting?

GolfBox Custom fitting studios are currently located in WA at Joondalup, Osborne Park and Booragoon.

What should I bring to a club fitting?

Make sure you bring your current clubs so our Fitters can profile your existing equipment. And wear some comfortable clothes and shoes because you’ll be hitting plenty of balls.

What variables does the GC Quad launch monitor measure?

Distance, carry, shot shape, spin rate, ball and clubhead speed, spin axis, impact point, launch angle, club path, angle of attack, face angle, lie angle and closure rate.

Can beginners play custom fitted golf clubs?

Of course. In fact, playing custom clubs when learning the game can speed up improvement. Clubs customised to a player’s physical traits and swing path cement fundamentals and boost muscle memory far more efficiently than off-the-rack clubs.

How is the GolfBox Custom experience different to other club fitting offerings?

Because we provide the most accurate and comprehensive club fitting in golf. We use Foresight’s GC Quad, the most precise launch monitor in the game, to identify which club set-up performs best for our client’s swing. And our brand-agnostic fitting technique offers the most comprehensive selection of equipment in the industry — if it’s available, we’ll have it for you to assess.

Why is GC Quad the most accurate launch monitor in the game?

Because it measures data definitively, rather than calculating an approximation. QC Quad employs high speed image capture to see what is happening at impact; radar-based launch monitors capture ball data before using an algorithm to estimate what the club head was doing at impact.