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February 1, 2024

If you’re a woman golfer looking beyond the “pink it and shrink it” clubs designed for females, GolfBox Custom is ready to help.

While some women golfers may indeed be best suited to using clubs designed specifically for females, the reality is plenty of women might be better off playing what are traditionally referred to as men’s clubs.

At a GolfBox Custom fitting, we fit everyone first and foremost as a golfer.

The process is completely neutral, devoid of any preconceived notions and doesn’t pigeonhole anyone into a particular line — or colour, for that matter — of clubs.

Because the entire fitting process is driven by the impartiality of data.

Data doesn’t care about the gender of the golfer hitting the ball; its function is to provide watertight metrics of performance, such as speed and spin.

Our GolfBox Custom fitting staff capture the requisite data using the most accurate launch monitor in the game — Foresight’s GC Quad — in the luxurious confines of the fitting studio.

After interpreting the data, your fitter will suggest a combination of head style, loft, shaft, lie angle and grip that will match the unique requirements of your golf swing.

And therein lies another enormous benefit of a GolfBox Custom fitting for women: it offers the most comprehensive range of equipment in the world.

GolfBox Custom is completely brand agnostic; if it’s on the market, we’ll have it so you can try it.
In fact, there are almost 50,000 possible combinations with which a fitter can fine-tune performance — which is always backed up by data.

GolfBox Custom offers a relaxed, non-intimidating environment for women to elevate their performance to the next level.
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