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February 1, 2024

There are club fittings and then there is the GolfBox Custom experience powered by True Spec Golf.

Why is the True Spec approach to club fitting so successful?

To put it simply, it’s all about identifying the best clubs for your game.

True Spec is completely brand-agnostic. With almost 50,000 club head, shaft and grip combinations, the range is the most comprehensive in golf.

If it exists, True Spec will have it on hand for you to try out in a fitting; a true custom fitting in every sense.

The sole aim of a True Spec fitting is to identify which club set up will suit you best.

There are no pushy salespeople steering you towards a particular brand hoping to close a sale. Whether you decide to proceed with building your custom clubs is entirely up to you…

So how does a True Spec fitting unearth the most optimal club combination for a golfer?

A defining aspect of the True Spec fitting approach is the appraisal of data.

And a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor — the most accurate in the game — is a central plank in the entire process.

In the driver’s seat of the launch monitor is a True Spec-trained GolfBox Custom club fitter, whose expertise facilitates the empirical, data-based approach that is a signature of a True Spec fitting session.

The process begins with a club fitter assessing a player’s current club set-up and swing to gain a baseline view of what’s occurring with the club head and ball.

And from that point, the club fitter’s knowledge and well-honed intuition will recommend a superior club combination to evaluate.

If the new club set-up is working in sync with a player’s swing characteristics, the relevant data from the club and ball should highlight the fact immediately.

The process is refined until the optimal club head, shaft flex, shaft weight, lie angle, shaft length and loft is identified.
But True Spec goes beyond just the fitting.

If you decide to go ahead with your fitting recommendation, the True Spec build process ensures your clubs are constructed to your exact specifications.

Each component is first weighed to ensure it falls within True Spec’s stringent tolerances. Then the SST PUREing process comes next.
It examines the structure and integrity of a club shaft to identify its most stable plane —otherwise known as the neutral axis.
By aligning a club head with the neutral axis of the shaft, SST PURE will prevent twisting of the club head during the swing and lead to greater consistency.

Then the head, shaft and ferrule are pieced together with high-strength epoxy and left to cure before the shaft is cut to the specified length.

Loft and lie angle adjustments are made prior to the grip being fitted.

After a final clean, specifications are rechecked before the clubs are approved for release.

Attention to detail and a reliance on irrefutable, data-derived evidence to improve performance: that’s the True Spec difference.