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February 1, 2024

What is a custom fitting like? How does the process work? And is it worth the cost?

Set in a state-of-the-art fitting studio, the GolfBox Custom experience will fully optimise your performance out on the golf course.
It’ll identify the best clubs for your swing. It’ll boost your confidence knowing you’ve got the clubs you need. And that’ll make the game easier and far more enjoyable.

At GolfBox Custom, every staff member is a True Spec certified fitter with the knowledge and expertise to analyse and interpret information generated by a Foresight QC Quad launch monitor.

And there are tens of thousands of head and shaft combinations possible to find your perfect equipment match.
So, what can you expect at a GolfBox Custom fitting session?

From the outset, it’s evident the process is completely data-driven.

After a brief warm up, you’ll get the green light to hit balls with your current equipment to compile a “blueprint”.

The blueprint provides a starting point for your club fitter; it’s a snapshot of how your current clubs perform and offers insight into your swing traits.

After you’ve hit around five balls, your fitter will momentarily hit the pause button to digest what your blueprint reveals about you and your requirements.

That information largely forms the basis of the next part of the process — the club “fitting” proper.

GolfBox Custom is a brand agnostic fitter, which means every brand of head, shaft and grip in the game is literally on the table (or to be more precise, on the wall in the case of the shafts).

With nearly 50,000 combinations available it’s the most inclusive equipment range in golf.

Based on what your blueprint suggests, your fitter will pick out a few head and shaft combinations that should complement your unique swing characteristics.

GolfBox Custom uses the Club Conex system, which is a universal adaptor that enables your fitter to swap shafts and club heads in just seconds.

You’ll then hit around five balls with each head and shaft combination as your fitter tracks the key data — club path, face angle, club descent angle, lie angle, club speed, ball speed, face impact point, spin, and the ball’s apex height and distance — on the launch monitor.

It’s a lot to take in but all you need to do is trust your fitter, who will be guiding you through the process and keeping you informed.

As the testing phase progresses, it soon becomes evident if you’re on the right track… the numbers don’t lie.

Your fitter will refine the process until one head and shaft combination emerges as the clear winner.

And that is the club set-up that’s going to change your life!

Your fitter will then provide you with a report that includes your fitting specs (including any loft and lie angle alterations that need to be completed) and a quote to build the new clubs.

The next part is entirely up to you...

If you’re ready to embrace the best clubs for your game, GolfBox Custom will build the clubs to your exact specs.

And when they’re in your bag you can go ahead and appreciate the pleasures of custom fitted clubs when you hit the golf course.