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February 1, 2024

Who should get a custom fitting?

Based on who we see coming through the doors at GolfBox Custom, the most concise answer to that question is “absolutely everyone”.
At GolfBox Custom we’re proud that golfers of every conceivable skill level visit us to be fitted for equipment that’s optimised for their swing.

From Tour professionals right through to beginners of all ages, we see them all.

We firmly believe everyone should have access to our fitting service to make the game easier and more enjoyable.

For golfers who think their game’s not good enough to warrant a custom fitting, think again.

Data suggests the higher your handicap, the more beneficial a fitting becomes.

At GolfBox Custom we see up close just how much improvement a custom fitting can deliver.

As we like to say ‘the data never lies’.

We measure just about every aspect of a golf swing with a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor and can confirm, with confidence, that no two golfers swing alike.

Whether you swing it like Scotty or chop it up like Charles Barkley, every golfer has a swing with a unique fingerprint.

And that’s the reason custom fitted clubs can add so much value to your golf game.

To maximise performance, clubs need to be tuned to the idiosyncrasies of a golf swing, not fight against them.

Think of a custom fitting like buying a new pair of shoes.

You wouldn’t walk into a shoe shop, grab a pair of shoes off the rack and hope they fit; you
select the ones made for your foot size.

Golf clubs are much the same.

Playing off-the-rack clubs is akin to buying a pair of shoes blindfolded; sometimes you might hit the jackpot but most of the time it’s a hit-and-miss proposition, quite literally.

Custom fitting will identify the best combination of head style, shaft flex, grip, loft and lie angle for your swing and get you shooting lower scores.

Is my swing consistent enough for a custom fitting?

The fitting staff at GolfBox Custom are often amazed at just how consistently golfers swing the club.

High handicappers might not swing it as efficiently as a scratch handicapper, but they are intriguingly consistent in their faults.
To highlight our point, your swing doesn’t have to be perfect to justify a custom fitting.

GolfBox Custom staff fit to the data of your swing and can often rectify many deficiencies simply by suggesting a superior club set-up.

So even beginners can get custom fitted?

Playing with ill-fitting equipment for your swing and size can metastasise into unnecessary movements and swing flaws that will be hard to correct down the road.

So, to get off on the right foot when learning the game, custom fitted clubs can help.

Once you establish your swing, you can always come return for a reassessment to see if your club set-up requires tweaking.

What about kids who are just starting out?

Playing the game with age-appropriate equipment will ensure swing fundamentals are cemented correctly right from the start.

Making golf fun should be a priority for kids and custom fitted clubs may provide the necessary confidence-boost to keep them engaged in the long term.

Am I good enough for a custom fitting?

The question you need to ask is ‘am I good enough not to be playing custom fitted clubs?’.

Book now for a GolfBox Custom fitting session and experience the difference.