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May 13, 2024

The Foresight QC Quad is the most advanced launch monitor in the game and it’s the engine room of the GolfBox Custom fitting studio.

Offering the most accurate ball and clubhead data in the game, our expert club fitters use GC Quad to understand a player’s golf swing on a microscopic level.

The unit is positioned clubside of the player and uses a combination of optical and infra-red tracking to generate key performance indicators.

Four high speed cameras capture the motion of the clubhead at 10,000 frames per second through impact while infra-red tracking analyses the flight of the ball during its initial launch.

The series of images and flight data is fed into the GC Quad’s internal processing to calculate the vital statistics of a golf swing such as distance, carry, shot shape, spin rate, ball and clubhead speed, impact point, launch angle, angle of attack, face angle, lie angle and closure rate.

That raw data is then interpreted by an experienced fitter to determine which clubs will suit a player’s swing characteristics best.

Unlike radar-based launch monitors, which extrapolate back from ball flight data to approximate club head position at impact and swing path, QC Quad provides real-time measurements through its high-speed image capture.

QC Quad data is the most reliable in the game, which is why GolfBox Custom use it exclusively.