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February 1, 2024

Ever had those clubs that, despite your best efforts, you could never get a handle on?

The most logical explanation is that club just wasn’t suited to your golf swing.

And therein lies the point of custom fitting.

Every golfer has a unique swing. And it’s the subtle differences that often determine whether a club clicks with your natural swing or actively fights against it.


If you’ve ever purchased off-the-rack clubs it probably went something like this:

- Grab a few different clubs to test, usually from a brand you like.
- Hit half a bucket of balls while receiving a few swing pointers from the shop assistant.
- Leave with the clubs you felt performed best on the day.

Now, if you play one round every month or two there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that one-size-fits-all approach.
But if you want to succeed at golf, a club fitting session at GolfBox Custom will change your game forever — even if you’re a beginner!

Custom fitted clubs will shave strokes off your score, boost your confidence and elevate your game to the next level.
As a comprehensively brand-agnostic fitter, GolfBox Custom offer the largest number of possible equipment combinations in the world.

You’ll soon see why a GolfBox Custom club fitting is the best way to play golf.


Because everyone swings the club differently, gaining insight into what is unfolding within a golf swing is a custom club fitter’s initial task.

A club fitting at GolfBox Custom is a completely data-driven process, with speed, spin, launch and lie angle among the multitude of variables assessed.

There are no guesstimations, gut feels or approximations; just plain-speaking, irrefutable facts derived from a Foresight QC Quad launch monitor.

It takes the emotion out of the club fitting process and helps our highly-trained fitting staff get right to the point, with scalpel-like precision.

Based on your data, our club fitters will recommend a combination of club head, shaft, loft, lie angle and grip to help you deliver the club to the back of the ball in the most efficient manner possible.

Custom fitted clubs will improve accuracy, distance and consistency.

And knowing that the clubs in your hands are built for your swing, you can experience true confidence out on the golf course.


Many golfers who carry existing injuries or battle with a limited range of motion know it can severely impact their effectiveness on the golf course.

But did you know that GolfBox Custom can build clubs designed to bypass or alleviate the effects of an ailment?

One of the first tasks of our specialist club fitters is to enquire about any pre-existing injuries or limitations.

The fitting process can then be tailored around any physical difficulties, with GolfBox Custom staff able to recommend a club set up that will extract maximum performance.

And with the right clubs in the bag, it’ll make playing the game so much easier and enjoyable.


Many golfers wrongly assume custom fitted clubs are expensive and only the most skilful golfers will benefit from using them.

While the initial outlay for a fitting session may cost you, custom fitted clubs are much better value in the long run compared to off-the-rack clubs.

Because they are tuned to meet the unique requirements of an individual golfer, custom clubs aren’t replaced nearly as frequently.

Golfers who play custom fitted clubs hold on to them significantly longer because they ultimately perform better.

Custom fitted clubs effectively put an end to those impulsive “upgrades” because of their effectiveness and they can always be tweaked down the track if change is needed.

If you’re a beginner, the benefits of playing custom fitted clubs will be particularly long lasting.

Clubs fitted to your height and physical characteristics will speed up development as you begin to build the correct fundamentals properly.

Improvement and lower scores will come quicker and easier, as will the realisation that a custom fitting session has certainly been money well spent.