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Are you ready to exceed your expectations and elevate your game?
A GolfBox Custom fitting is where technology and hands-on expertise intersect to unleash extraordinary performance on the course.

Tighten your

Eliminate your big miss and elevate accuracy throughout the bag.

More distance
off the Tee

Eat up yardage and shorten the course with a driver designed specifically for you.

Lower your

Shave shots off your rounds, lower your handicap and maximise your enjoyment.


Certified by renowned custom club leader True Spec Golf, our Fitting Team are masters of their profession. Expertly trained to quantify and interpret swing data, our Fitting Staff compile a “blueprint” of a golfer’s existing equipment to identify clubs that will work with, rather than against, a golfer’s unique characteristics.

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Delivering the most accurate ball and clubhead data in the game, a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor powers the GolfBox Custom fitting experience. Utilising high-speed image capture as opposed to extrapolated radar calculations, GC Quad offers our Master Club Fitters unparalleled insight into the DNA of every golf swing.

Custom Fitting


The GolfBox Custom fitting process is driven entirely by real-time data. There are no gut feelings. There are no guesstimates. Just irrefutable, data-derived evidence that ultimately unlocks the performance-boosting combination of club head, shaft, loft, lie angle and grip for every golfer. As our Master Fitters like to say, the data never lies.

Our Process


GolfBox Custom employs the Club Conex hosel adapter to offer a truly brand-agnostic and independent fitting experience. It allows a quick interchange of heads and shafts during testing; but its greatest influence lies in its capability to join any head with any shaft. Free of restrictions, GolfBox Custom can offer nearly 50,000 head and shaft combinations.

Custom Fitting

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Better golf starts with a fitting appointment at GolfBox Custom.
Book in for a full bag fitting or focus on the club, or clubs, you know you need to get right.




GolfBox Custom offers nearly 50,000 head, shaft and grip combinations — if it exists, we’ll have it in our inventory for your appraisal.

Partnering with global leader True Spec Golf, we guarantee equipment options that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

Our brand-agnostic philosophy means every option is on the table and we will never advocate one brand over another — we always let the data decide.

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